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Children are precious - at Young Scholars, we are dedicated to providing professional child care services to meet the needs of families; however, our ultimate purpose is to foster the success of every child, recognizing that every child is unique. In order to insure quality services, Young Scholars maintains adequate finances and competent dedicated staff. Young Scholars provides service that is adequate, affordable, accommodating, and convenient for families.

Children are our future and at Young Scholars, we as child care professionals are making a difference with children. We know that it takes very special persons to devote so much time and energy to provide a secure, loving environment for young people. We strive to bring joy and peace to all parents.

Young Scholars Developmental Institute take great pride in providing high quality early education services for families for over 10 years. We recognize families are the primary and most important influence on their children, and we strive to work in partnership with families in developing and implementing activities. Families are encouraged to become advocates for their children including joining our parent board or other parent groups so they will be full partners in decisions that affect their children. At Young Scholars Developmental Institute, "Everyday we are shaping tomorrow".

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